Ideas for next term; we’re having a patrol forum on December 9th. In that we’ll discuss:

  • What they enjoyed and didn’t enjoy about our programme this term.
  • What they want to do in scouts next term (and year) – both in weekly meetings and as camps or day events.
  • What badges they want to try to achieve as part of that. 
  • What they can do towards their Personal Challenge

              To help with that they may want to have a look at the badges and awards on before the meeting. 

Achieving badges at home: there are several badges that are difficult to achieve just in weekly meetings and some that can easily be ticked off from activities they may already do. Again, have a look at the badge requirements and if there are any they might be interested in, or could already have earned, send us an email and we’ll let you know what they need to do to get the badge.

          (For example, if they already do one of these, they can probably easily earn a badge: fishing, climbing, sports, martial arts, play an instrument, make (nearly) anything, have a hobby, read books, play (any kind of) games, geocaching, orienteering, keep livestock, grow plants, athletics)
          (Another thought, there are some badges we’re unlikely to do in meetings, but are reasonably easy to attain with a little work and research, such as the librarian badge)

Camps and events: We already have a number of camps and events booked for next year – at the moment we don’t have any definite plans for most of them, but it would help us if you could have a look in OSM, keep the date clear on your calendars, and if you’re interested mark that they’d like to attend (you can always change your answer later once we start finalising details)